Dry Wonton Noodles Recipe

Stan and I have been trying out several recipes from the cookbooks that we have bought a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, we often fail to take any pictures of them as we were usually famished by the time we finished cooking. If it were not for us hungry hungry hippos, then it would be our dissatisfaction with our plating skills or lack thereof. As a relatively new food blog, we still have a lot things to learn and improve on but that is part of the journey. Anyway, not all the recipes we tried ended up in our bellies first, we did manage to snap some photos of them. Last weekend, I decided to make dry wonton noodles for dinner from Adam Liaw’s (Season 2 Australia Masterchef’s winner) cookbook, ‘Asian After Work’. I have made this dish several times and the end result somewhat resembled the KL style’s wonton noodles, which the noodles are tossed with a dark soy sauce mixture but only a little drier. So, if you like it with a bit more sauce, feel free to increase the portion needed for the noodle sauce. I have also tweaked the quantity of the seasoning and ingredients a little bit according to our personal preferences.

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