The Adventures of Stan & Chia

The Adventures of Stan & Chia

Santi’s Cafe

Santi’s Cafe

There’s nothing like having your boyfriend rewarding you with a pleasant brunch after an entire month of hardwork on major assignments. Despite living quite close to Hampden road, Stan and I have never taken notice of the cafes along that area. After goggling and a little bit of brainstorming, Stan decided that we should try out Santi’s cafe. Just next to a pharmacy, Santi’s cafe is one of the couple of quaint cafes that have popped up under our noses over the years. The cafe is busy throughout the week but not to the point where you have to wait for almost 2 hours to get a seat like most other popular cafes in Perth. With baby blue as the main colour scheme, the cafe has a vintage modern touch to it.

IMG_4253During our first visit, Stan forgot to insert his camera memory card so had to resort to taking the food pictures using my phone. Well, at least I got a chance to relive my purikura days by filtering the pictures and putting on cute stickers from my Line camera app. Santi’s offers different specials every week, so for our first visit, I was lucky enough to get to try their French toasts with bacon and maple syrup. I have heard and seen this dish before but never had the chance to try it. Since I often have a dilemma in terms of whether or not I should have something sweet or savoury for brunch, the French toasts with bacon and maple syrup has finally resolved that issue. French toast has always been my favourite brunch/breakfast meal, and I realised they are not as popular as pancakes since I couldn’t really find them on most cafe menus. The dish I ordered was the perfect bland of sweet maple syrup and savoury crispy bacon.

On the other hand, Stan ordered the Santi’s big breakfast, which came with homemade baked beans, hash browns, scrambled eggs, two pieces of buttered toasts, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, and two chorizos. The servings were generous and Stan was very content with his meal. Both of us ordered a cup of mocha each on the side. Since we’re both not coffee experts, mocha is often the safest choice and we were both happy that our mocha were not served searing hot. I automatically think of the seared part of a beef tataki whenever my tongue or lips got burnt by piping hot food or any type of hot beverages.


Service wise, the pacing is like any other cafes. that is, it takes quite sometime to get our order. However, a faster pace does not equal a more delicious meal or better food service. The chef and his kitchen helpers really took their time to cook the meals and they came out warm and scrumptious. Customer service in Santi’s is pleasant as the owners and staffs are very friendly.


Making sure the memory card is in the camera this time, Stan and I went to Santi’s on the second week. Our drinks came first, with Stan’s order, which is a mixed berry smoothie and a white peach juice for me. The smoothie, according to Stan was not too sweet but for some reason, the yoghurt in the smoothie kept ‘breaking up’ as you can see from the picture above. I’d mistaken the juice I ordered was freshly squeezed but actually came from a bottle. This was my fault for not reading the menu properly but it was still refreshing since the weather in Perth is getting warmer. However $6 for a bottled drink was rather pricey.



Stan is fond of savoury brunch dishes and this time, he ordered one of the most popular dishes from the menu, which is the Arabiata baked eggs. The chorizos were laden with some sort of tomato based sauce (sorry, had been two months and I could not recall what the sauce is called) and covered with eggs, which were cooked halfway through, so the eggs were still runny when Stan tucked into his meal. All of these were served in an adorable but adequately sized pan, with 2 buttered toasts on the side. As for me, I ordered another one of the cafe’s popular dishes, which is the honeycomb pancakes with mixed berry sauce, topped with fresh cream and a light dust of icing sugar. The pancakes were light and fluffy and despite the generous drizzle of honey, it was not sickeningly sweet as the mixed berry sauce provided the right amount of sourness to balance out the taste.

So if you even run out of ideas on where to have your brunch and still want to be able to hear your friends or loved ones talk, do give Santi’s cafe a try!

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