The Adventures of Stan & Chia

The Adventures of Stan & Chia

Red Chilli Szechuan Chinese Resturant

Red Chilli Szechuan Chinese Resturant

Every weekend, Stan and I would meet up with his parents for dinner just to catch up. The food that we normally go for is Singaporean/Malaysian style home-cooked meals. Since Stan’s mother had acquired a voucher for Red Chilli Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, she decided that it would be an interesting change to try something new. The only Szechuan dishes that we know of are the sweet and sour soup and Mapo tofu and they use a special type of “numbing chilli”. On our way to the restaurant, Stan and I had anticipated that there would be a lot of spice and chillies, followed by an ass burning trip at the loo…  


The interior of the restaurant is just like any other typical Chinese restaurants, that is, lots of reds and gold accents. Of course, when it comes to eating at any Chinese, or for this matter, Asian restaurants, the interior and customer service are secondary. How good the food tastes is the top priority. The first dish we had was literally translated as ‘Husband and Wife Lung Slices’. Besides Stan’s parents, everyone else on the table weren’t huge fans of any type of dishes that involved animal organs and innards. However, to our surprise, we were delighted to find that the dish was rather delicious. The spicy sauce garnished with peanuts and coriander was just enough to cover any unpleasant odour and taste that most animal organs have. So, if you’re not a fan of innards but still adventurous enough, do give this dish a try.


The second dish that we ordered was the Chilli Chicken. It was basically slices of steamed chicken drenched in Szechuan style chilli sauce. It was a good dish and very appetizing to eat with rice but nothing to shout out about. Since we were not used to having so many spicy dishes, Stan’s mum decided to order a simple stir fry dish of beef with garlic and mixed vegetables to balance out the heat. Also, besides Stan’s younger brother and I have rather low tolerance towards spicy dishes. Stan and I were not expecting much from this dish, it was just an accompaniment and it gave us a short break from the rest of the spicy dishes that we were served.IMG_4355 IMG_4359

There was no way that we were not going to order the generally well-known Szechuan dish, that is Mapo tofu. At this point in time, my tongue was numb from all the chillies and spices. The chilli bean sauce gave the otherwise boring tofu a spicy and scrumptious kick. If only it were winter, this dish would have been one of those comfort foods you would eat with a steamy bowl of rice.


Another dish that we ordered was the twice cooked pork. The base of the sauce was almost the same as the other spicy dishes but compared to the rest, it was less spicy and more manageable. The last dish to be served was a whole fish drenched in Szechuan style chilli sauce. garnished with coriander and various mushrooms. The mushrooms and bamboo shoots in the dish gave a different crunch to the dish but the base of the sauce was almost similar to the rest of the spicy dishes.

Overall, it was an interesting experience for all of us. Eating at the restaurant, perhaps, gave us a glimpse of how authentic Szechuan food is like. The service however fell short as the we went through 3 different wait staffs just to get an extra serving of rice. Of course, the service was not that bad to a point it spoilt our dining experience. Of course, at that very night just before bed time, Stan had to visit the toilet…

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