The Adventures of Stan & Chia

The Adventures of Stan & Chia

Phong Vinh Vietnemese Resturant

Phong Vinh Vietnemese Resturant

Pho has been a staple food ever since I was young and my family cycling through Viet Hoa, Tra Vinh and have been eating regularly at Phong Vinh for a while now. Like most Asian restaurants, the interior is relatively  outdated and simple but it is the quality of the food that truly matters. Pho has always been our emergency comfort food and once again it has proven itself to be our saviour when we are abandoned by our friends who failed to inform us they had changed their plans.


Chia and I always encounter a dilemma when we go to Phong Vinh because despite we want to try something new from the menu we always ended up ordering the same dishes. For me it is the Pho Tai and for Chia it is the Phong Vinh special.  I cannot escape the grasp of the tender raw beef and the deep flavourful broth with a hint of tanginess from the lemon and chilli accompanied by fresh mint and bean sprouts.


Chia decided to try something different and ordered the crab meat and pork rice vercimelli soup. It was a bit of a disappointment because the broth was not  as flavourful as expected. Despite that, Chia could still taste a somewhat strong hint of crab and a subtle hint of pork. However, compared to the Pho Tai the serving of the ingredients were smaller.


For drinks, I ordered a Sam Bo Leung – a cocktail of ingredients such as dates, dried longan, barley, ginko nuts and strips of jelly covered in shaved ice. Chia ordered the durian shake  which can be a hit or miss depending on the day but overall it was delicious and according to her did not stink her breath which is a plus. The chinese tea at Phong Vinh is refreshing and is not the traditional chinese tea as we can taste deep notes of vanilla. The service at Phong Vinh is decent and nothing beats a warm bowl of Pho on a cold and rainy night.

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