Day 10 – Nagoya

Stan and I bade goodbye to Osaka and headed off to Nagoya. The trip took almost half the day, so we did not do much exploring on that day. It was around 2 pm when we reached our hotel. Despite being exhausted from our trip, we did not want to spend the other half of the day just lazing around in the hotel room. We decided to pay a visit at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. Though it was a short train trip away, it took us quite sometime to navigate around the train station, with train lines on different levels.It was a very quiet day, most of the shops were closed and only a few people were spotted on the streets. The quietness was contrasted with the liveliness of the visitors and tourists visiting the aquariums, which were mostly made up of families with children and the elderly.

IMG_2287 IMG_2306 IMG_2321

Luckily, not long after Stan and I arrived, the dolphin show was about to start and it was the last show scheduled on that day. We quickly made our way out to the deck by following the visitors. It was my first time watching a dolphin show, so I was ecstatic. The deck became fully packed in an instant and we managed to snatch seats not too far away from the tank. The performances were no doubt entertaining and high spirited. Hopefully, if we ever visit the aquarium again sometime in the future, we would like to catch the show with the ‘Free Willy(s)’ (Sorry, really had to make that lame joke).
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After the show, Stan and I headed into another enclosed area to watch the actual ‘stars’ and mascots of the aquarium- the beluga whales. Unlike the dolphins, the beluga whales have a milder temperament and are less active. The performance was less pumped up, with the whales playing fetch with their trainers/caretakers. Nevertheless, it was a change of pace and was entertaining to watch the beluga whales balancing a ball between the protuberance and the nose.
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We then headed back into the aquarium to look at the other marine animals and displays that we had missed. Though the exhibits were interesting, it got rather frustrating as the more popular ones, such as the penguin exhibit got very crowded with mostly families and their children taking a bit too long looking at the exhibit, hence there was a bit of pushing and shoving among the other visitors to get to the front of the exhibit. Personally, Stan and I never understand why parents want to bring along their babies to theme parks and exhibits. We know these places are aimed mainly towards children but for babies, at the end of the day, they wouldn’t have any recollection anyway. And don’t get me started with parents selfishly pushing their prams to cut into the line.   IMG_2429 IMG_2430

Anyway, I digress. Our patience was running thin at the end of our visit as we ran into annoying, slow paced visitors blocking the exhibits and parents with prams with no spatial awareness despite we did our best not to bump into them, those nasty wheels still managed to bump into our toes somehow. Well, there was nothing like good ol’ retail therapy to calm those nerves. We made a pit stop at the souvenir store. The most popular items from the store were the plushy version of the mascots Captain Beluga and his first mate. Captain Beluga and his first mate are absolutely adorable and we were tempted to buy the soft toys. However, we have bought several plushies from the Disney and Pokemon stores and our luggage would not be able to fit any larger sized plushies. So, we settled for a plushy keychain of Captain Beluga.    IMG_2431 IMG_2432 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2440 IMG_2447It was around 5pm or so when we left the aquarium. Stan and I were rather worn out and hungry and at that point we couldn’t be bothered to google any place to eat. We decided to stop by a small shopping centre, which was just a walking distance away from the aquarium. The shopping centre is slightly old and we gathered that it’s built mainly to cater to tourists. Most of the food courts were closed so we just settled for Maccas, which was rather packed. After a quick dinner, we proceeded to the first floor, which was mostly made up of souvenir stores and smaller stores selling candies and knick knacks. We spotted this gashapon (capsule toy dispenser) that sold this odd looking guy in a tight eggplant suit doing a downward dog pose. I am already weaving my own story looking at this photo. The onion/turnip looking thing seemed to be admiring eggplant dude’s ba donk ka donk. Tomato dude is jealous and having none of it. So, he’s using the can as weight to do squats. Apparently, these characters are the mascots for a company called comm, as advertised on the print. At this moment, I’m simultaneously googling to find any background of the mascots but couldn’t.

We ended our trip with a ride on the Ferris wheel. We noticed some of the carriages had a giant stuffed toy inside. It was romantic ride and we got a scenic view of the port. There was an audio guide in the carriage and it gave some information about the port and the surrounding areas as the carriage slowly ascended to the top. According to the guide, the lights of the Ferris wheel changes colour according the the weather. After the ride, we made our way back to the hotel to have an early night in.


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