Chinese New Year Recipe: Bak Kwa

Chinese New Year is just around the corner… Actually, it’s just a day away now and what better way to make the atmosphere feel or ‘smell’ festive by making some Chinese New Year goodies! Let’s fill up the living room with money and coins and dive in like Scrooge McDuck, you say? Well, though there’s nothing as stereotypical as a fellow Chinese who loves money, heck, we even have our own God of Fortune (think Santa Claus but with gold nuggets), I’m referring to Bak Kwa, or Chinese pork jerky. So stop watching those sad, guilt-tripping Chinese New Year ads that your friends have posted on Facebook or on TV and let’s get cracking! Continue reading

Red Chilli Szechuan Chinese Resturant

Every weekend, Stan and I would meet up with his parents for dinner just to catch up. The food that we normally go for is Singaporean/Malaysian style home-cooked meals. Since Stan’s mother had acquired a voucher for Red Chilli Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, she decided that it would be an interesting change to try something new. The only Szechuan dishes that we know of are the sweet and sour soup and Mapo tofu and they use a special type of “numbing chilli”. On our way to the restaurant, Stan and I had anticipated that there would be a lot of spice and chillies, followed by an ass burning trip at the loo…   Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Special: Chocolate Crepe Cake with Nutella and Whipped Peanut Butter

Frankly, for some reason Stan and I do not have much recollection of what we did for Valentine’s Day throughout our 3 years of being together. February is the month of several celebrations for us, which include my birthday, Stan’s dad’s birthday, Chinese New Year (depending on the Lunar calendar), and our anniversary. So, Valentine’s Day celebration was sort of neglected, which is fine for us. The only recollection we had was when Stan decided to buy me a bouquet of roses for our first Valentine’s. Hilarity ensued when I realised the ‘bouquet’ was a single rose in a giant wrapping! We both laughed our heads off and then proceeded to go back to his place to play Borderlands… Anyway, despite Stan has a sweet tooth, ironically, he is not a big fan of pastries and cakes. However, there is that one combination that he absolutely loves- chocolate, Nutella and peanut butter! So if you want to make something special for your significant other, give this recipe a try!

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Sarawak Laksa Recipe

There are many variations of laksa depending on the states or countries they derived from. This hot and spicy noodle soup can be found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Sarawak laksa is the variation, in which I grew up eating. I used to have it for brunch on the weekends when I was back in my home town. There were a few stalls that my second brother and I usually frequented. Each stall often has a slightly different taste to its broth. Some can have a bit more tang and zest to the broth and some have a richer coconut milk aroma. Unlike Penang or Singapore laksa, which most people are exposed to overseas, Sarawak laksa has no curry in it. I realised the aroma and taste is somewhat similar to prawn noodle soup, while I was making the base of my own soup stock.   Continue reading

Day 10 – Nagoya

Stan and I bade goodbye to Osaka and headed off to Nagoya. The trip took almost half the day, so we did not do much exploring on that day. It was around 2 pm when we reached our hotel. Despite being exhausted from our trip, we did not want to spend the other half of the day just lazing around in the hotel room. We decided to pay a visit at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. Though it was a short train trip away, it took us quite sometime to navigate around the train station, with train lines on different levels.It was a very quiet day, most of the shops were closed and only a few people were spotted on the streets. The quietness was contrasted with the liveliness of the visitors and tourists visiting the aquariums, which were mostly made up of families with children and the elderly.

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