Japan Day 2 – Kinosaki Onsen

Travelling far distances with luggage is never fun, you get tired, exhausted and staircases become your worst nightmare and natural enemy. We travelled from Tokyo to Kinosaki Onsen to stay at a ryokan for one night and we never knew it could be so far. Armed with katsu sandwiches and drinks we thought we were ready for a 6 to 7 hour journey to Kinosaki. The katsu sandwiches were gone by the time we got off the first train and we had another 2 to 3 more trains to catch as transferring trains got more difficult when we travelled towards the countryside. Watching the scenery I slowly came to realise how far away we had travelled from Tokyo as the usual city skyscrapers were replaced with forest and rivers and houses became farms. By this time the sun was already setting as it was winter and Chia found a map behind her train seat, showing our location, we had travelled over 7 hours on trains, covering over 648 kilometers, passing by many prefectures.

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