Day 19 – Christmas!

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Feeling Fine – Coco Loco
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Citrus Zinger
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Day 20 – Last day :( Odaiba

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Feeling Fine – Coco Loco
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Day 17 – Yokohama

Travel Itineary

Ramen Museum

Minato Mirai

Kobe Chinatown

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It was a busy work week for both Stan and I, so we thought what better way to reward ourselves than to indulge in a upmarket Thai restaurant. After reading up some rave reviews and visiting its Facebook page, we decided to give Itsara a go. An intricate sculpture modeled after a prow of a Royal Barge greeted us as we walked into the lavishly decorated restaurant. We were seated next to the big glass windows and had a nice view of the restaurant garden, where according to its Facebook page, some of the fresh ingredients for its dishes derived from. The creatively named dishes was what piqued our interests and given the fact that the head chef is a renowned molecular biologists, Stan and I expected some creative and artful twists to the traditional Thai dishes.

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Seafood Char Kway Teow

I’ve been wanting to try making char kway teow, otherwise known as stir fried flat rice noodles, for quite sometime now. Back then, I’d seen one of my aunts attempted this hawker dish several times but it always ended up in a big sloppy pile. I’ve always thought that the secret technique to it was to be lightning fast in terms of your stir frying skill and that would take a lot of practice. However, that’s not entirely the case. After doing a bit of research on other food blogs and recipe books, I’ve learnt that the trick to making a decent bowl of char kway teow is to have all the ingredients ready and to cook them in smaller servings. I’ve adapted the recipe from Adam Liaw’s ‘Two Asian Kitchens’ cookbook and did a little bit of tweaking for the seasonings and changed the techniques to suit my own. If you’re not a fan of seafood, you can always add pork or chicken for the proteins.

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